As you probably noticed, we’re now in 2012, which means Dudebro II missed its intended 2011 release. There are several reasons for that, and it’s about time to address them and clarify where things are at. First, please put those shovels away: despite the lack of recent media Dudebro ain’t dead, and he’d be hella pissed if he knew you thought that. He’s fine, the game is shaping up pretty nicely and his beard is bushier than ever. Several key members left the Dudebro team after the last bit of media came out, which led to delays upon delays. A gameplay trailer was supposed to be released around last E3, but many placeholder elements weren’t replaced by final assets in time, and that deadline was missed. The team was shrinking more and more, and it became apparent that completing the game would have taken a very long time without all that manpower, even if we kept cutting corners with the result of making a worse game. So, we did some important structural changes, which allowed the project to stay manageable with a much smaller team without compromising its quality. In doing so, we have made a remarkable amount of progress in these last months, and Dudebro II is now perfectly on schedule. The reason we have not announced said changes yet is because we want to show them in motion, and this is going to happen sooner than you think. Until then, please keep following this website for updates. We still have plenty of things to show.