SVN and Unity do not play well together. Something about asset confusion with highly shared binaries. The internet's suggested workaround: dropbox.

gaf > internet > gaf

SVN UrlEdit

Getting Broversion AccessEdit

We've got a Dudebro subversion repository hosted on, up to a max of 2000MB. This repo is private and you must be invited to the team through the assembla website.

Step 1Edit

Go to and create an assembla account. The login and password created here will be used to access the SVN repo.

Step 2Edit

Notify an existing member of the assembla team that you want in. They'll need either your assembla ID or the email address you signed up with to add you.

Turning Off Email NotificationsEdit

Dudebro assembla turn off notifications

visual guide to turning off email alerts

By default, assembla will tell you fucking EVERYTHING that happens with the dudebro space. To turn these off, you need to go to the "Stream" tab of the Dudebro space ( and click "Change alert settings" in the sidebar on the right of the page.